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Retrieving Archived Files

Archived files are maintained by the Support Services Division with the Records Management Program. Within the Records Management Program you will find a Forms and Tools menu. Use this menu to find the Records Request.

From the Infonet homepage go to the Support Divisions menu and select Support Services from the dropdown menu:

OKDHS Infonet sharepoint with an arrow pointing to the "Support Divisions" dropdown menu.

From Support Services Division select Records management Program:

OKDHS Infonet Support Services division page with an arrow pointint at "Records Management Program".

Within the Records Management Program, select Records Request:

OKDHS Infonet sharepoint Records Management Program with an arrow pointing at "Records Request".

From here, you will need to sign in to search records or review the Quick Guide for further assistance:


Within the Quick Guide, you will find detailed instructions for locating and requesting your file along with contact information for Support Services Division staff.

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