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Statewide Access & Visitation Program

There is a new flyer available on ALC (December 8, 2020) telling customers about the Access to Visitation program CSS has with Family and Children’s Services which is now providing statewide virtual services. ALC code is FLYFCS.

If you have customers asking about establishing visitation with the child and non-custodial parent, parenting classes, counseling about co-parenting, etc., CSS has a great program available to help! Here is a link to a downloadable brochure describing the services provided by this grant.

Note – The Visitation Parenting Coordinator is Andrea Russell. Her email is

CSS receives a federal “Access to Visitation” grant and subcontracts with Family and Children’s Services (F&CS) in Tulsa to provide services under this grant.  CSS also subcontracts with two other non-profits under this grant:

Historically, the F&CS program in Tulsa has primarily served the CSS offices in Tulsa and surrounding areas.  However, due to COVID, closure of offices to the public, and loss of in-person court, the program has experienced a substantial decrease in customers seeking services.   We desperately need to increase referrals to this program.  Therefore, we are expanding these services to all CSS offices in the state.

There are only (2) two requirements for customers to receive free services under this F&CS grant:

  1. An open FGN
  2. Minor children

Services include:

  • Online parenting classes
  • Counseling
  • Mediation
  • Parenting planning
  • Supervised visitation (in Claremore through Safenet)

F&CS Education Class Descriptions

NOTE: Not all classes are available online during the pandemic, but once in person classes start up again, they should all be available.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce
You play a critical role in how your child adjusts to changes in family structures. In this four-hour seminar you’ll learn to facilitate visitation, manage conflict, use effective parenting skills, cope with financial obligations, understand typical reactions to divorce and more.

Cooperative Parenting & Divorce
In this six-week class, either one or both parents learn how to allow children to love both parents, manage anger, take control of conflict, negotiate agreements and more.

Active Parenting for Step-Families
In this six-week class, parents learn realistic expectations, relationship-building skills, effective communication tools, problem solving and more.

Focus on Family: Surviving High Conflict
In this two-week class, parents will learn how to handle high conflict situations through conflict resolution.

Baby Care
In this three-week class, expecting parents and parents of newborns learn how to respond to infant needs and create a healthy and nurturing environment. Bring your infant and join other parents as you learn to show bonding behaviors, understand infant development, practice positive parenting, differentiate the five core infant emotions and more.

Active Parenting: First Five Years
Becoming a parent is a life-changing event, and life as a parent keeps changing too. In this four-week program, parents of 0-4 year olds learn to strengthen the bond between you and your child, positive discipline and how to offer choices and consequences.

Active Parenting Now
Good family relationships and lots of positive attention are just what your child needs to learn and grow.  In this six-week program, parents of 5-12 year olds learn how to build cooperation, effective discipline, logical consequences and how to teach responsibility.

Active Parenting of Teens
Home life and family relationships are still the biggest influences on a teen’s development.

In this six-week program, parents of teens 13 and older learn about teens and technology, the latest in drug use prevention, how brain development affects behavior and decision making, discipline and communication, and teen sexuality issues.

ADHD Parent Coaching
If distraction typically rules your home, learn how to create an environment conducive to peaceful family life. In this six-week class, we’ll coach you on helping your 5-12 year old learn to keep attention focused on tasks, get organized at home and school, play or work well with others and alone and focus on behavior and thoughts.

Activities that Generate Services

Orientation*: refers to the time spent on court days making a formal presentation to parents about the F&CS services available through this program.

Initial Contact*: includes letter writing (with attached brochures) in response to survey requests for contact, and initial contact services that do not rise to a screening and assessment.

AVPC (Access & Visitation Parenting Coordinator) Services

Screening and Assessment*: identify barriers to visitation, recommend solutions and make referrals for other programs, and evaluate the AV services that would be most appropriate for each individual family.   A screening and assessment is performed on every FGN served by the AVPC to determine if parenting planning and/or mediation is appropriate in the particular case.

Parenting Planning: working with one or both parents separately to develop strategies necessary for co-parenting, and all related follow-up.

Mediation: working with both parents together to come to an agreement regarding visitation and custody, and all related follow-up.

Counseling: working with one or both parents separately to share conflict resolution skills, educate clients on needs of children, and to provide them with the tools and resources to address their visitation and custody needs.

Supervised Visitation Services through SafeNet

  • Supervised Visitation Initial Assessment
  • Supervised Visitation Services – Observational (OBV)
  • Supervised Visitation Services – Supportive (SV) or Therapeutic (TV)
  • Supervised Exchange Services (SE)

If you would like to refer a customer for services, you can choose from 1 of 2 options

  1. You can generate to host the new ALC letter/flyer coded as FLYFCS.  It provides the basic services and Andrea’s phone number so that the customer may self-refer. Or you can send the brief FCS CSS letter that you could email or mail if you didn’t want to generate the ALC document to host.
  2. Alternatively, If the customer would like you to send their information directly to Andrea, you can email Andrea at aroland@fcsok.orgwith the following information.  Then, just let the customer know that Andrea will reach out to him/her by phone.
    • Customer’s name
    • That they are the custodial person/parent or non-custodial parent
    • Customer’s phone number
    • FGN and that the FGN is open

Julie Bushyhead, Tulsa East Managing Attorney, is the contract monitor for this contract with Family & Children’s Services. If you have any questions, please contact her.

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