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Termination of Insurance

Legal Authorities:

When current support is no longer owed, the obligation for providing medical support does not necessarily end at the same time.

It is possible for a court order to specify medical support is to be provided even when there is no current support owed. In this instance, CSS would not send a Notice to Terminate Withholding for Health Care Coverage to the employer.

Additionally, when a child emancipates, the legal obligation for providing the medical support does end but the parents may wish for the coverage to continue. Medical insurance is available for individuals on their parent’s insurance through the age of 25. Therefore, CSS sends a notice to the parents (Emancipation Letter – EM01 and EM02) to inform them that according to CSS records, the child is emancipating and a notice will be sent to the employer—Notice of Change to Medical Support Withholding (MED8)—informing them the parents may elect to continue insurance coverage for the child. If CSS terminated the insurance coverage for a child who emancipates, the parents may not be able to re-enroll the child without a qualifying event. This would leave the child without coverage.