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How to Access the Received AOPs Database

Sometimes there are parents wanting to open a child support case; they have told you that they signed a State of Oklahoma Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP), but you can’t find it. There is a solution to this.

All AOPs received from Vital Records are sent to CSS CIC AOP unit and often times there is a small backlog before they are built in the system and imaged. The AOP unit will INDEX the AOPs waiting to be put into OSIS and the Document Image Retriever.

To check to see if the signed AOP is received by CSS CIC, access the Received AOPs database. This database contains all AOPs CSS has received from Vital Records that have not been processed and imaged. The database is located on the STO Public Drive. If you do not have the STO Public Drive mapped to your computer see this Quest article Mapping to the State Office P: Drive. Once on the STO P: Drive, scroll down until you see the folder “Received AOPs.  Inside the folder, open the “Received AOPs (State Office)” file.

You can search by the child’s name or date of birth. When you’ve located the possible AOP you can email for a copy of the document to *OCSS.AOP.Requests with subject “AOP Found in database”.

If after searching the Document Image Retriever and AOP Index databases you still can’t locate an AOP, you can email the request to the *OCSS.AOP.Requests with subject “AOP NOT in Database.” and they can contact Vital Records to see if it is in their system.

Note: Unless the CSS Office has some factual reason to believe that an AOP was signed (i.e. NCP or CP state they signed one), there is no reason to make an inquiry to Vital Records.  Any person completing the worksheet for a birth certificate at the hospital can represent to the clerk that the parents are married and the father’s name should be added to the birth certificate.  No AOP or documentation of a marriage is required.  Therefore, ultimately knowing that a person is listed on a birth certificate has no impact on the child’s legal status.

**This database is only for State of Oklahoma AOPs. Each state has their own AOP process (for states that have AOPs)**

See the CS Quest article Retrieve and Acknowledgment of Paternity for information about using the Document Image Retriever to search for a signed AOP.

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