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True North CSS Goals

True North guides us in all our work and supports collaboration with our partners to serve our customers together.

Our ‘True North’ allows us to communicate the goals of Child Support Services and OKDHS to our stakeholders. This allows us to reach the goals of the agency together.

Originally Child Support Services had the first three True North goals. Recently CSS added CSS4 which talks more about collaboration with others to connect families with services and resources.

Child Support Services

Child Support Services’ goals are to work with all agency divisions and with their community partners and other stakeholders to:
  • CSS1 – Improve the economic stability of Oklahoma families by increasing the number of children receiving support from non-custodial parents;
  • CSS2 – Improve children’s access to health care coverage; and
  • CSS3 – Improve a non-custodial parent’s ability to satisfy their child support obligations by promoting financial stability.
  • CSS4 – Contribute to collaborative efforts to connect families with services and resources to meet their needs holistically.

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