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True North Dashboard

The True North Dashboard, developed by the Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service (CBECS) and is found on the OSIS CSS Performance Credit (CSPC) screen. This tool measures the six areas that drive our True North metrics: paternity results, order establishment, medical order establishment, medical order enforcement, collections of current support, and modification reviews.

This tool provides real time information. CSPC lists the total number of active cases and total number of closed cases. It updates nightly, and the information viewed is current through the previous day. Current day numbers are not included. This information can be viewed at the state level, by region, or by office.

Below is a breakdown of the six areas CSPC measures:

Paternity Results

This section is populated by tracking EPOC updates. It is extremely important that EPOC is updated appropriately; one reason being, to ensure this area is accurately counted. CSPC tracks paternity actions by including counts for: alleged father excluded, pending adoption, paternity establishment is not in the best interest of the child, positive genetic test, pending paternity action, child reached majority, voluntary acknowledgment, and default finding.

It is vitally important to update the finding and finding date field. Please refer to EPOC & True North- Quest article.

Order Establishment

Order establishment is measured by counting the total number of IV-D cases that have at least one completed active obligation. The order establishment numbers include: cases with orders, order established percentage, new orders established, and new orders established by CSS.

Medical Order Establishment

Medical order establishment includes cases in status 02 or 10: with medical support ordered, total number of cases with an order excluding arrears only cases, and medical order establishment percentage. The medical order establishment percentage is figured by taking the number of status 02 and 10 cases with medical support ordered and dividing it by the total number of cases in status 02 and status 10 that have at least one completed active obligation in the month.

Medical Order Enforcement

Medical order establishment includes: cases with medical support provided, cases with orders excluding arrears only cases (same as cases with orders excluding arrears in the medical order establishment section), and medical enforcement percentage (number of cases with medical support provided divided by the total number of cases with orders in status 02 and 10).

Collection of Current Support

Collection of current support includes the total number of cases paying, the dollar amount of child support collected for the month, the dollar amount for child support due for the month, and the percentage of child support collected.

Modification Reviews

This area gives a total number of pending reviews and a total number of completed reviews. The completed reviews are broken down by reason. The totals for this section are pulled directly from OBLRV updates.