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Updates, Tips, and Changes for Enforcement

As we all know, CSS stays basically the same and yet has an ever-changing landscape. The initial way that updates, tips, or changes are usually provided to everyone is by an all-encompassing email. Too often, in the wake of everyday work, that email is either not read, or is lost in the mass of everyday email. Now you can come to one place within a CSQuest functional category to see all updates, tips, or changes sent by an OCSS.All email that indicate a CSS or related process update, tip, or change.

Note: New emails could be updated into this article on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. When the information no longer applies, it will be deleted from the listing.

New! FIDM – Acknowledgement of Request for Administrative Review (F17)

From: Corey Johnson
Thu 8/26/2021 9:33 AM

F17 v1 test data.pdf
125 KB

PRC is pleased as punch to announce that a new document has been created for the FIDM document category. The Acknowledgment of Request for Administrative Review (F17) allows the office to request additional documents to complete the FIDM review. This document is available for host print. A sample of the document is attached for your reference.The document will be in production Friday, August 27, 2021.

If you have questions or concerns about the content of pleadings, please contact PRC at *OCSS.PRC.

If you have questions or concerns about generating documents using the ALC interface, please contact *CSS.ALCDOCS.HELP via email or theĀ ALC Teams channel. View a list of documents available in ALC, as well as document examples here.

Corey on behalf of PRC
PRC: Linda Monroe, Dawn Zellner, Andrea Unruh, Angela Berry & Stephanie Baker