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Updating the Family Violence Indicator (FVI) in OSIS

The Family Violence Indicator is a function of the child support computer program to help caseworkers and customer service representatives (CARE) easily identify that a case has been screened for family violence, and family violence is or is not an issue for at least one of the parties involved in the case. All of the information in this training can be found on the CSFVU screen in OSIS.

CSML Screen in OSIS
If family violence has been indicated in a case, the computer system also prevents the parties’ addresses from being printed on many of the child support documents.

Family violence can be claimed in writing, by oral statement, or even by a caseworker. The Family Violence Indicator is also updated if a Victim’s Protection Order involving the parties is on file with the Court and active.

CSML screen with Member ID, CP CUST, PDN, and OVR callouts
The Member ID column gives the appropriate designations for each participant in the case.
The CP CUST field shows which child belongs to which CP, a big help in complicated cases.
The PDN column shows whether a person is potentially dangerous.
The OVR column will show if the FV has been overridden.
CSML screen with FV and INITOR values
The VIC column gives the value of the FV.

FVI Values can be one of the following:
Blank = not screened, no FV claimed
S = Signed non-disclosure agreement
O = Protective or other order issued
W = CSS worker initiated non-disclosure
G = Good cause
I = FV determined by Interstate
E = Foster care plan precludes cooperation

The INITOR column shows who requested the FVI

INITOR Values can be one of the following:
Blank = default
CXX = CP with number
KXX = Child with number
IV-A = Initiated by IV-A
IV-E = Initiated by foster care
CPU = Initiated by CP update
CSA = Updated through new case creation
OTH = Another entity

CSML screen with PERP Values
The PERP column shows against whom the FVI is requested.

PERP Values can be one of the following:
Blank = default
CXX = CP with number
KXX = Child with number

If you make any changes, make sure and enter Case Log explaining the changes.

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