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Using DCHG and APPU to Verify Military Service

Update DCHG and APPU screens to verify military service of the NCP.
Update DCHG
In OSIS, enter DCHG and the DCN. Note that the DCN is used instead of the FGN.
When the DCHG screen opens, select Military Service Data with an ā€œS.ā€ The selection field is located between the arrow and Military Service Data.
In the Military Service Data field enter ā€œSā€ and update the Branch Code.
Update the Begin Date if the NCP is currently active, or update the End Date if no longer in the military.
Press Enter.
The following are the OSIS DCHG Military Branch Code Names

Code Name
OKANG Oklahoma Air National Guard
OKNG Oklahoma National Guard
USA United States Army
USAAF United States Active Air Force
USADR U.S. Army-Discharged & Retired
USAF United States Air Force
USAFG U.S. Air Force Garnishment
USAFR United States Air Force Reserve
USAG U.S. Army Garnishment
USAR U.S. Army Reserve
USARP U.S. Army Retirement Pay Records
USCG United States Coast Guard
USCGE U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted
USCGO U.S. Coast Guard Officer
USCGR U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
USN United States Navy
USNG U.S. Navy Garnishment
USNL U.S. Navy Locate
USNR U.S. Naval Reserve

Update APPU
In OSIS, access APPU and the FGN.
Update the MILIT SEQ field. This refers to the Military Sequence Number.
Press Enter.
The MILIT and MILIT FROM fields will automatically populate.
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