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Utility Searches

Legal Authority:
45 CFR § 303.3

Utility Data Services (UDS) provides locate information over the phone and by fax on customers with utilities in Oklahoma and some surrounding states (E.g.:, TX & AR).

There are three ways to conduct utility (electric and/or gas) searches

  1. Utility/Generic Locate Info Request (L08)
  2. Call Utility Data Services (UDS).
    The phone number for UDS is (405) 348-9587.  They will ask for your subscriber code and then your pass code.  Requests are limited to 5 FGN’s per call. On request, UDS will search by Address or Name.

    UDS can search by:
    Social Security Number (which is their default search)

    On request, UDS will search by:

  3. Fax UDS
    The fax number for UDS is (405) 348-9601.  Faxed locate requests must include the FGN, FULL NAME and SSN. The fax must include the current CSS subscriber code and pass code.  A DOB is optional but would help UDS in their search.  At the current time UDS does not have a limit on the number of search request made in a single fax.  A faxed request may take more than one day for UDS to complete.You will have to ask UDS to check by Address & Name, as they may not ask you if you wish to do such a search over the phone.UDS does not have information on utilities for all of Oklahoma, but they do cover most of the major areas with some coverage in surrounding states.  UDS cannot check by a rural route address.If they do not give you the dates of service, you can ask and they will tell you when the utilities were turned on and when the account was last updated as valid.
Who is covered by UDS?
UDS can cannot provide a list of their Utility providers for business reasons.  However, if UDS is given an address they can tell you if they have data that covers the address.  If you give UDS a general area of the state they can tell you if they have data that will cover that area for utilities.

UDS does have all OG&E customers even those over the Oklahoma border in another state.
UDS also has many electric & water customers in Oklahoma, but not all and UDS has Dallas and Arlington, TX electric utility data.
PSO is the only major electric provider in Oklahoma not covered by UDS but many PSO customers also have OG&E for gas.

For current password contact the Center for Coordinated Programs or *OCSS.PFRs.

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