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Validate Your Attendance in LMS: New Procedures

DHS Learning

Validate Your Attendance in LMS: New Procedures

Things always get better. In this case what’s now better is that Validation Codes are no longer required to complete training. Just about every training course requires completing a Pre-Session Test, a Post-Session Test, and Mandatory Feedback. This makes the old ‘Validate Your Attendance’ requirement redundant, and nobody has time for that.

Simplified Steps to Get Credit for the Training

It’s tempting to say every course offered in our LMS will have a Mandatory Feedback component, but there may be one out there without it. Completing the Mandatory Feedback validates your attendance in the course and establishes training credit. Most of the courses also contain Pre-Session Tests and Post-Session Tests. When the Pre-Session Test is present in a course, it must be completed along with the Post-Session Test and the Mandatory Feedback to receive credit.

The course will likely contain activities, assignments, quizzes, or other required components. These will also need to be completed in order to earn credit for attending the course.
The step(s) therefore:

  • Complete the Mandatory Feedback component.
  • If there is a Pre-Session Test, complete it and attend the course, then complete the Post-Session Test and Mandatory Feedback.
  • If you ever find a course without a Mandatory Feedback component, completing the course will validate that you earned credit for it.