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Walking & Parking Lot Safety Tips

  1. Always Walk with Another and Be Aware of Your Surroundings
    • Don’t go on a walk alone. Walk with another for safety. Don’t wear earbuds without being aware of your surroundings. The same applies to walking while looking at your phone, as you must at all times be aware of your surroundings and any threats.
  2. At Night When it’s Dark Outside, Walk to your Car with Another
  3. Be Ready to Open the Car Door
    • Have keys and be ready to open the car door. Do not wait to rummage through a purse, bag, or pockets looking for keys when standing next to the car door.
  4. Look around and Listen to Your Intuition
    • Be aware of your surroundings and who is in the vicinity no matter what time of night or day.
    • Scan for people watching from a distance or sitting in parked vehicles, especially vehicles with tinted windows or vans next to your vehicle.
    • Periodically glance behind you to prevent being surprised by an attacker running up from behind you.
  5. Check Around Your Car from a Distance
  6. Check the Back Seat of Your Car
  7. Open the Door and Get Inside Quickly
    • Maintain awareness of your surroundings.
  8. Lock All Doors and Start the Engine
    • When feeling apprehensive about a situation, do not sit in the car rummaging through a purse, searching for a favorite song to play with a CD or iPod/MP3 player, text, or talk to someone on the phone.
  9. Look Around as You Make Adjustments:
    • Continually glance in the rear view and side mirrors to check your surroundings for any threats while getting situated, or reprogramming the vehicle’s GPS.
    • At night, immediately turn the headlamps on to see more area around your vehicle. Keep your foot on the brake to hold the vehicle in reverse for better rear illumination. Then adjust your belongings and put on your seat belt before driving.
  10. Call 911 if you are in danger or see someone else in danger.

Safety Starts in Your Brain - Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe