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When is Fixed Medical Retained?

There are times when fixed medical payments may be retained in the same way that child support payments may be retained.

The case types that are associated with retained fixed medical are:

  • C FM (TANF & fixed medical) – whenever C FM is used it means that the state is issuing or has issued TANF benefits for the time period indicated and the CP does not receive the fixed medical payments for that month. Instead, the fixed medical payments are retained by the state.
  • F FM (IV-E foster care & fixed medical) – this means that the child is currently in foster care, or was in foster care during the month indicated and the fixed medical will be retained.
  • E FM (Non IV-E foster care & fixed medical) – The code E FM represents the case of a child who is in-state, and is or has been in Non-IV-E foster care.
  • CC FM (TANF fixed medical judgment) – means that a judgment has been taken for a TANF time frame that also included fixed medical. Money paid towards this case type will be retained by the state.
  • FC FM (IV-E foster care fixed medical judgment) – Cases marked with FC FM means there is a judgment for repayment of a foster care time frame.
  • EC FM (Non IV-E foster care judgment) – Cases marked with EC FM means there is a judgment for repayment of a foster care time frame.

If we would retain the child support portion of the payment, we will also retain the fixed medical portion of the payment.

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