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Caseworkers Guide to Using I vs H OSIS Codes

Legal Status H and I are used to identify paternity establishment and order establishment cases.

Use of Legal Status H

Legal status H is used for cases where paternity is established, but no support has been ordered. In child support, this status is rarely used.

The use of legal status H is appropriate when:

  • NCP is male.
  • Paternity was at issue (i.e. child was born out of wedlock).
  • Paternity has been established by genetic testing, acknowledgment in open court, or signing a Journal Entry Acknowledging Paternity; and
  • An Order Establishing Paternity entered. That Order should only address paternity; child support should not be addressed at all. This court action happened separate from CSS. If child support is set at $0.00, legal status A would be the appropriate choice.

If legal status H is used for a female NCP, that FGN will appear on the federal OCSS-157 report as a paternity establishment against the NCP Mother. This is an automatic failure on the Data Reliability Audit (DRA) should that case be pulled. We do have a few limited circumstances in which maternity had to be established against a female NCP, but in that instance the legal status would be briefly switched to M so that an EPOC screen can be built and an authorization number generated. However, the legal status would be immediately switched back to I, and it would not report as a paternity establishment.

Use of Legal Status I

Legal status I is used for one of two family situations: (1) the parents are married and/or separated, and child support has not been established, and (2) all female NCP cases.

If parents are married and/or separated and the child was born of the marriage, legal status I must be used.

It is not permissible to use H because if the child was born of the marriage then paternity was never at issue.

Should a disestablishment petition be brought by the NCP, the legal status would be switched to M to generate the EPOC and authorization number. Like the previously described situation of using I to H legal status, immediately change the legal status H back to I. It will be necessary to switch the status back to M to update the EPOU screen with the results.

Finally, if the genetic test results are returned as negative, update the legal status to N.

To summarize, cases where the child’s legal status is only H, or goes from H to A, are reported as paternity establishments on the OCSS-157 report. Please make sure that H is really the correct choice before using it on your cases.

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