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Centralized Mail

Mail can be emailed to a central location for printing and mailing. Send your print or mail request to or  Special instructions, such as documents to be sent certified restricted delivery must be included in your email. Provide the staff name and return address when applicable.

Steps for using the Centralized mail Program

  1. Send a separate email for each recipient.
  2. Open a new email to: or . It is important to start a new email with each request.
  3. Use recipient’s last name in the email subject line.
  4. In the body of the email please include in Bold Red Text any special instructions. i.e., “Please send mail certified, restricted delivery, return receipt requested.” See examples below.
  5. Complete and attach the cover letter “Centralized Mail Address Form” (00AD010E). This form will provide the outgoing and return addresses. This form must be attached to each request. Make sure all addresses contain a street address or PO Box, city, state and zip code.
  6. Attach the document(s) to be printed. While there is no maximum number of pages for your documents, there is a maximum of six attachments (not including the cover letter). For example, if you have five attachments with five pages each, you would put “25 pages” in the email.
  7. Set a read receipt if you care to know when your email and letter were processed.
  8. Send the email to the or

Notes: The Mail Center will print the attachments in a combined manner and print on both sides of the paper. If it is important that the documents appear in a particular order to the recipient, consider using Adobe Pro to organize pages and/or combine documents in the order and manner that you want them to appear.

Examples of emails to Centralized Mail:

An example when sending an outgoing mail request:

Example of requesting business reply mail:

Example when sending certified restricted or certified mail: