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Disbursements and Passing Audit

Disbursements – per CFR title 45 §302.33 – 75% compliance level

The State must distribute a payable collection within no more than two business days after receipt of a support collection from an employer or other source of periodic income.

During the review process, the auditor notates if payment(s) collected during the audit period was distributed and if the payment was retained by the State or paid to the family.

OSIS screens reviewed by the audit team are:

  • KI1

The CFRR/CFRRX screen lists details about receipts by NCP, FGN or Obligation.  While on the CFRR/CFRRX by using F5 it will take you to CFRRP.  The CFRRP screen provides additional details such as if a payment was retained or issued.

Another screen that provides disbursement information is KI1, which is an inquiry screen of child support warrants.  KI1 provides information such as issue date, amount of the warrant and recipient of child support payment.  Any payments retained by the state will not be reflected on this screen.

TIP:  Resolve payments on UNDL and PNDL in a timely manner.