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Expedited and Passing Audit

Expedited – per CFR title 45 §303.101 – 75% compliance level within 6 month, 90% within a year

The CFR mandates that a state plan for child support must include a provision for the state IV-D entity to provide paternity establishment services and mandates it to provide these services in an expedited manner.

Expedited is the measure of elapsed time between the date of service and the date of disposition.  This refers only to establishment cases.  It does not include enforcement cases.

In IV-D cases needing support order establishment, regardless of whether paternity has been established, action to establish support orders must be completed from the date of service of process to the time of disposition within the following timeframes: (A) 75 percent in 6 months; and (B) 90 percent in 12 months.

Disposition means the date on which a support order is officially established and/or recorded or the action is dismissed.

During the review process, auditors will review DOCSL, HEARL and case logs.

As part of the audit the Document Service List (DOCSL) will be reviewed for the service date information. When updated correctly DOCSL provides information on the service of the non-custodial parent including the date of service and whether the non-custodial parent was served at their address of record, by regular mail, the Certified Mail Tracking Number, EZ Messenger tracking number or by waiver of service or Affidavit of Service.

This information is crucial in tracking contracts for the EZ Messenger contract monitor for billing.  Additionally, DOCSL is used by CARE to provide information to the parties on the status of service.  The availability of the information determines if the call is resolved or if the customer is asked to check back at a later time or if a follow-up is required by the local office.   This information is also tracked by CSS Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service.