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Enforcement CARE script

Prior to the pandemic, we were working to overhaul the CARE script regarding enforcement.  The goal was to update the script so it reflects the current focus of CSS enforcement which is primarily on enforcement actions that do not require court actions. This is even more true in the current situation as court has essentially been put on hold to encourage social distancing and protect staff & customers during this time.

Below are key parts bulleted.  The entire script is posted at the end of this article.

  • CARE will not use the term ‘Automated Enforcement’.
  • Focus on advising the customer of the enforcement actions the district office is currently taking, such as property liens, IRS/OTC referrals, Credit Bureau Referral, Passport denial, etc.
  • Let the customer know that we are taking the enforcement actions we can with the information we currently have and ask if they can provide us with any new locate/employment/asset information.
  • Only send an FYI to the District Office if:
    • NCP has a balances equal to at least 3 months’ worth of support,
    • NCP has not paid in a full calendar month, and
    • The caller provides new asset or locate information
  • If a caller calls back after an enforcement FYI was sent, CARE will advise the caller what enforcement is currently taking place and that the office is proceeding with enforcement as they are able to with the information provided.


We are also aware that there are temporary changes in effect regarding enforcement and CSRs have a COVID-19 Procedures sheet to follow which includes the following related items:

  • CARE is not transferring calls to local offices right now, unless there is a ***CARE*** transfer log on the case that was entered after 3/30. We are encouraging callers to provide email addresses for contact when at all possible. We are sending follow-ups instead of transferring to the local office so the worker can contact the customer back in whichever method they are able to while teleworking.
  • Callers are advised to provide any paperwork via email as offices are not open for walk-in customers. (Aside from a couple of offices that have secure drop boxes: Bartlesville and Shawnee)
  • Response when a customer specifically requests Contempt or NOIR enforcement action: “Due to public health and safety concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic, the courts are cancelled through mid-May.  CSS cannot pursue court actions. We will take actions that are not court based.”
  • CSS has imposed a moratorium on revoking licenses until June 1. Depending on circumstances, it may be extended but that is unknown at the moment. Reinstatement will follow normal procedures as long as they meet normal reinstatement guidelines.
  • FIDMs have been halted for 60 days. Follow normal dispute procedures if one has been issued. No messages are necessary to ask if we are still doing levies.

Let me know if you have any questions!

New Enforcement Care Script

Enforcement process: Review screens: CSENF, CIRI, CFRRX, KI1, OBLI, APEI, and LOGI.

Advise the caller:

The D/O is utilizing the following enforcement actions – federal tax refund intercept, state tax refund intercept, Bank levy/FIDM, passport denial, credit bureau, real and personal property liens, unemployment benefit offsets, income assignments on workers compensation and social security benefits etc.” 

CSR Note: Do not use the words “automatic enforcement”.

You can only request additional enforcement if all 3 of these are met:

  1. The NCP has not paid in a full calendar month (i.e., last payment was on February 5, enforcement cannot be requested until April 1).
  2. Balance of at least 90 days current support (not judgment payment).
  3. The CP provides new asset information on the NCP.

Ask your caller if they know of any new assets or ability to pay, such as:

Ask about general company details
All License’s (Driver’s, Professional, or Recreational)
Ask what state the license is from.
Real Property (Land, Home, or Rental Property)
Ask for the address.
Bank Accounts
Ask for name of the bank and any other details that can be shared.
Pending Settlements (Worker’s Comp, Personal Injury, etc.)
Ask for name of company or insurance agency the settlement is with.

Case Log. FYI (only if all 3 prerequisites are met)

If an FYI has already been sent and the d/o advised they cannot move forward with enforcements, advise the caller:

“The information you provided was received by the office. They are proceeding with enforcement as they are able to with the information available.”

If the caller questions or is unhappy with this information, refer them to the “Resources” section of the Oklahoma Bar Association website or they can call 211 from their phone for additional legal assistance. Case Log. no MSG sent

Please review AAPI and HEARL for active bench warrants and scheduled Contempt hearings, the D/O will not take any additional enforcement action while these are in place.

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