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Forcing an Address on OSIS

OSIS is connected to the USPS database for addresses, which is called Finalist. At times, an address will show as invalid.


When an address is invalid, it may need to be forced. Here are the following steps to force an address:

Step One

Before an address can be forced on to OSIS, the following is required:

  • If there is a verified current address on the case already, that address must be moved to history before a new one can be added.
  • Each party on the case needs a verified address. To verify an address do the following:
    • Use the L04. If there is not an address on OSIS to generate the L04, then use the L04U located on the ALC to manually enter the address for verification.
    • Or use a screen shot of the USPS website with the verified address.
      USPS website with verified address.

Step Two

Once step one has been completed, you will send an email to In the email provide the FGN, the party the address is for (NCP, CP1, CP2, etc.), and the address that needs to be added. Include the L04 or screen shot from the USPS website showing the address is accurate.

Once the address has been updated, you will receive an email stating such.

Step Three

If you need to make an update to an employer address, email

Do not email for the following requests

DOC Address
Find more info here.
International Address
Find more info here.
In Care Of
This is worker updated by adding “%” percent sign on the ADDR1 line.

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