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How to Add/Update Prison Data

This helpful checklist will guide you through the steps required to add and update information on OSIS screens for an NCP that is incarcerated with the Oklahoma Department of Correction, as well as how to obtain information from other states and federal institutions.

  1. Check to determine if the NCP is currently incarcerated in Oklahoma Department of Corrections.
    1. Check the DOC website at with the name, date of birth, or DOC number.
    2. If match is found, record DOC number on DCHG (See #2, below)
    3. Obtain name and phone number of facility on page with matched person’s information.
    4. Contact facility and ask for records.
      1. Identify yourself and that information is needed on the DOC number.
      2. Ask how many days are remaining on the NCP’s sentence.
      3. Ask about the NCP’s level (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4).
      4. Ask when the next parole hearing date is set.
  2. Entering Information onto IMS
    1. Check CSML for NCP’s DCN.
    2. Access DCHG
      1. Choose PRISON DATA from menu
      2. Enter prison name in INSTITUTION NAME field.
      3. Enter DOC number in DOC NUMBER field (ONLY if incarcerated in OK).
    3. Access APPU
      1. Enter Institutional living arrangement as P in INST LIV ARR field.
      2. Enter Institutional sequence number in INST SEQ field (example: 001 or 002).
      3. Enter the City and State of the prison in the INST LOC field
    4. Access CSCU and update
      1. Enter IV-D STATUS field as ‘10’.
      2. Enter 19 in REASON field.
      3. Enter potential parole date in REVIEW DT field.
    5. Access the address add screen (or update) (ADA or ADU)
      1. ADA 01 APN (to add); or
      2. ASA and choose sequence with ADU to update.
      3. Add the DOC number to the first line of the address.
    6. Make log entry.
  3. Out-of-State or Federal Inmates
    1. Check other states’ prisons through Corrections Connection or the Federal prison website.
    2. Ask the same questions as listed in number 1(D), above.
    3. Complete steps in number 2 above

For more information on address types for incarcerated NCPs, see the CS Quest article Address Types for Incarcerated NCPs.