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How modifications start (3 ways)

  1. NCP/CP Customer Request
  2. Reports WebFocus, CMOD, RAMENU (OSIS)
  3. Caseworker Often, workers will notice cases needing a review while performing some other case task. For example, an NCP might be paying in full on the 001 case, but now there is a 002 case set for establishment of a new order. Without right-sizing both cases, the new total support amount for NCP could be too high.

A Few Common Reasons to Modify an Order:

  • A case includes a change in child care expenses.
  • No medical insurance has been addressed, or the cost and/or availability of medical support has changed.
  • The joint custody order does not include a child support order.
  • The Obligor has multiple cases and is unable to meet the current obligations.
  • The child support guidelines were not followed.
  • You receive information from the CP that the NCP is not exercising the number of ordered overnights.
  • A parent has a significant change in income, such as involuntary job loss or disability.
  • Either parent becomes the recipient of Supplemental Security Income, or Social Security Disability benefits.
  • Custody Changes (Verify this information)
    • School enrollment forms
    • Signed statement from the CP (ALC Form G08)

Flowchart for Customer Requested Reviews

Customer provides written request for review
Caseworker updates CSCU screen
Down arrow.
Caseworker completes initial review within 15 days
Caseworker updates OBLRV and notifies the parties…
If modification is needed, pursue court action…
Down arrow.
Prepare the case for court
Complete court action within 180 days
Not enough income data? Generate Financial Statements (ALC documents R04A/R04B/R04C) and continue review. If modification is NOT needed…
Down arrow.
Notify the parties (use ALC documents R06A/R06B/R06C)
Update GLS and OBLRV

Reasons CSS might not modify after review:

  • No locate on the other party (OBLRV code – NOLOCATE)
  • Less than 12 months since the last order or review (OBLRV code – NOCRITER)
  • No significant change in the child support amount (OBLRV code – NOCHANGE)
  • Previous right-sizing order and NCP’s ability to pay has not changed (OBLRV code – NOCHANGE)


  • INCREASE – increase in support
  • DECREASE – decrease in support
  • MEDONLY – change in medical support only
  • NOCHANGE – no change done (review finds no income, medical or other changes to warrant modification)
  • APNOSERV – NCP unable to be served (must have attempted service)
  • CPNOSERV – CP unable to be served (must have attempted service)
  • BPNOSERV – BP unable to be served (must have attempted service)
  • APNOCOOP – AP would not cooperate; mod process stopped
  • CPNOCOOP – CP would not cooperate; mod process stopped
  • BPNOCOOP – BP would not cooperate; mod process stopped
  • NOJURIS – no jurisdiction to modify
  • ERROR – review started in error
  • NOCRITER – doesn’t meet criteria for modification (less than 12 months since last review; all children on case emancipated)
  • APNOCTRY – NCP is out of the country
  • CPNOCTRY – CP is out of the country
  • NOLOCATE – inability to locate a party on the case