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The Review and Adjustment Menu (RAMENU) screen list the category of cases that are candidates for review. From this screen, you can select to view cases under your U# from the following categories:

  • TANF Cases
    • TANF Cases Due Review (RATD) – list of TANF cases due a review within the next six months
    • TANF Cases Due Review – Past Due Only (RATP) – list of TANF cases that are past the three year federally mandated review period.
  • Private Cases Due Review
    • Private Cases Due Review – Cases with Information (RAPA) – list of private cases that are eligible for a review. All cases have enough information for the analyzer to perform the auto-guidelines calculation.
    • Private Cases Due Review – Cases without Information (RAPP) – list of private cases eligible for review but do not have enough information for an auto-generated guidelines calculation.
  • Order Amount Too Low Cases (RALO) – list of regularly paying cases where the order amount may be too low.
  • Cases Lacking Medical Order (RAMED) – list that displays cases that are lacking a medical order
  • Order Amount Too High Cases (RAHI) – list of cases where the obligation amount ordered may be set too high.
  • Cases with Open Reviews (RAOPEN) – the screen that list all reviews open for a specific U#. Cases that are considered to be open are those with an open OBLRV.
  • SSA Title II Benefits Paying (RASSA) – list of cases that payments are being received from the Social Security Administration.
  • Incarcerated NCPs Open Review (RAINC) – list of cases that have an open OBLRV due to cases being reviewed for a prison order.

To access the individual categories, tab to the one that you wish to select, type S, and press enter. This will bring up the list of cases associated with your U#.

To access another user’s list, you must access each area individually. You cannot pull up another caseworker’s RAMENU, but you can pull up the individual areas.

To access another caseworker’s list, go to the NEXT field and type the screen you want to view and the U#. For example: RASSA U99XXX. This will pull up the list of cases that are receiving payments from Social Security for that particular caseworker.

It is possible to access an entire offices list. From a blank screen or the next line type RAMENU_office code. You may now access the different categories for the office.

Legal Authority: see Legal Authority for Modification Process