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How to Check Office OAH Dockets to Ensure All Orders are Built within Reporting Period of OCSE-157

All new child support orders obtained October 1 thru September 30 of each year must be built on OSIS before the end of the grace period in order to receive credit on the 157. Performance on the 157 affects incentive dollars for our program.

This check can also help reduce the occurrence of overpayments/underpayments following actions like a modification.

Delays in building or updating orders have a negative impact on Performance Measure, as well as our customers.

For some offices with larger dockets, it may be a good practice to do this type of check quarterly.

Step 1

Open the OAH Case Manger

OAH Case Manager shortcut icon.

Step 2

Go to Docketing and select your Office code. Start with the first docket day for your office in October (or the desired day you want to start checking).

OAH Docketing screen

Step 3

Open a MS Excel spreadsheet.

Step 4

For the first docket, copy and paste the entire docket (including the column header) into the excel spreadsheet. For subsequent docket day copy and paste the entries under the column header.

You only need to copy and paste the column header once.

copy-paste of dockets

You can adjust the Excel columns to the correct size to display your data.

Excel column adjustment

Step 5

Once all of the desired docket days are copied into your spreadsheet, you can eliminate duplicate entries so that you only check each FGN once.

  • Select all entries on your spreadsheet and format as a Table (Home Ribbon).
  • Sort your FGN column smallest to largest or largest to smallest.
  • Highlight the FGN column in your spreadsheet.
  • Select Conditional Formatting in the Home Ribbon.
  • Select Highlight Cell Rules
  • Select Duplicate Values
    Excel duplicate entries
  • Click OK
    Excel Duplicate Values windowCases with duplicate entrees will appear in red. You can delete duplicates, only keeping the one with the most recent hearing date, by deleting a selected row.If an entry has the same hearing date (probably accidentally pasted a list twice) just delete one.As duplicates are deleted, the red highlighting will disappear from the entry that you kept.Excel duplicate deletions

Step 6

Once the list is cleaned up, you can add columns to keep notes or other information. It’s up to your office as to how detailed your review should be. You can also delete any columns that are not necessary.

Excel addition of note columns

At a minimum, a review should include checking to see if an order resulted from an action, within the time period, and if the obligation was built or updated.

An easy way to do this is to highlight the FGN from the Excel spreadsheet, and copy and paste in to OSIS.

Common places to review for each FGN are:

  • OBLI
  • Case log
Delays in building/updating orders have a negative impact on Performance Measure, as well as our customers.