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How to Invite External Partners to Teams Meetings

The following are all the ways to include everyone necessary in a Teams meeting. It doesn’t matter if they use a Gmail account, OU email account or any other email account for their Teams. DHS Employees can still set up invite and attend Teams meetings by following these steps. Ultimately all that is need is the “link.”

Remember Users must access these options outside of RDP (Remote Desktop) or GEMINI

Scheduling Teams meetings for DHS and NON DHS users (contractors/vendors/customers)

  1. Log into Office 365
  2. Select Outlook Web AppImage of screen with Outlook circled.
  3. Open CalendarOffice 365 page with Calendar button highlighted.
  4. Create New MeetingOffice 365 calendar page with New Event highlighted.
  5. Fill out meeting details selecting Teams Meeting toggle invite all necessary parties (DHS/NON DHS)Image of Office calendar with attendees and Teams toggle circled.
  6. External users receive something similar to this:

Additional Ways

  1. Using Office 2016 (Windows 10 users)
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Select Calendar
  4. Click “New Teams Meeting”
  5. Fill out meeting details invite all necessary parties (DHS/NON DHS)

Using Teams App to invite NON DHS Network Users to Teams Meeting

  1. Open Calendar in Teams
  2. Select new meeting
  3. Fill out meeting details and invite internal DHS partners/customers/collaborators
  4. Open outlook
  5. Go to Calendar
  6. Open meeting created in Teams
  7. Add any additional emails that our outside DHS needed to the meeting invite and send update

Copying the Link

If you have a “Join Teams Meeting” hyper link this can be copy and pasted and sent in any email to any one to click and use as long as they have the Teams app downloaded.

Join MS Teams Meeting links.