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How to Sign Up and Complete Your Profile With NCSEA

You Need to Sign Up and complete your profile with NCSEA!  There is absolutely no cost to sign up but plenty of valuable benefits are just waiting for you such as free Web-Talks (accessed from anywhere), access to the CSQ quarterly newsletter, brief Rapid Read emails, reduced conference registration, and more. Shortly there will be more CSQuest articles, two of which will be NCSEA Web-Talks: How to Register for and Access Them and How to Access the NCSEA CSQ Newsletter.

Because Oklahoma Child Support Services (CSS) is an agency member of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA). Agency, that membership allows member benefits to “flow down” to all child support staff of the State, County and Local child support agencies as well as certain contract staff.

However, you must have a profile to receive these benefits. We have sent a beginning list of staff (people who were in the OKDHS Outlook as of January 9, 2020) to NCSEA so most of you will have your email in the NCSEA databank but will need to complete your profile to receive full benefits mentioned above.


To complete your profile, first go to which takes you to the NCSEA Home page.

Click on “Member Login” at the top of the page.

Image of NCSEA Home page with Member Login

This takes you to the Welcome page where you need to select New Visitor Registration.

Image of NCSEA Welcome page showing Login and New Visitor Registration.

On the New Visitor page, enter your work email address and select “Go”

Remember you must use the OKDHS CSS organization/agency email address – no personal email addresses. Please note – use only your email address.

Image of NCSEA New Visitor page with space for primary e-mail address.

If your e-mail address is already in the NCSEA database, you will receive the following message:

This e-mail address is already registered in our database.
If this is your e-mail address and you forgot your password, please click here
If this is not your e-mail address, please try again using another e-mail address.

After you click on the click here above, the New Visitor Record Information page appears.  If you are new to NCSEA, complete the Record Information page, and be sure to include all required information (scroll all the way down).

Image of NCSEA New Visitor Record Information page with fields for personal and address information.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on “Create Account and Enter Your Organization Info” the Select Your Organization page will appear.

This next step is very important!

Image of NCSEA Select Your Organization page for selection of your organization.

  • Select Oklahoma Child Support Services as your organization on the Select Your Organization page.
  • Do not create a new organization profile if Oklahoma is not listed. Select Cancel and email for assistance.
  • You will be asked to review your profile.

Once you select your Organization on the previous page, the agency and contact information will appear on the Primary Contact Request page.

Image of NCSEA Primary Contact page showing beginning of page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Primary Contact Request page, and select “I am an Employee” and then click on “Add me as Employee” and then click “Finish”

Image of NCSEA Primary Contact page showing fields at end of page for Primary Contact and I am an employee.

After clicking “Finish” the My Information page appears where you may review your information and modify your profile as you wish.

Image of NCSEA My Information page on which you may modify your informaton.