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NCSEA – National Child Support Enforcement Association

NCSEA connects you with the community of child support professionals from across the country and around world that share your issues and concerns, it also puts the contacts, information and resources that equip you to do your job better at your fingertips.

As an employee of DHS/Child Support Services you are already an agency member of NCSEA. In the last few years NCSEA strengthened the value of agency membership through increased access to NCSEA member benefits. Each member agency employee can access NCSEA’s professional development discounts, communications tools and networking directories.

In addition to accessing the best resources in the child support community, NCSEA agency members and their staff will benefit from up to six free Web-Talks annually! These e-learning resources will be streamed live and archived at Members will be able to sign up for these free Web-Talks individually, from multiple sites—no longer having to coordinate viewing parties in the office!

With an Agency membership all agency full-time staff receives member benefits to NCSEA:

  • Discounted rates to NCSEA’s Policy Forum and Leadership Symposium conferences.
  • Subscription to NCSEA Child Support CommuniQue, quarterly newsletter with valuable articles on best practices, new trends and important research in child support.
  • Access to resources and research including materials to share with legislators and stakeholders.
  • FREE registration to up to 5 free Web-Talks annually and significant savings for fee-based Web-Talks.
  • Participation in NCSEA Connects, an on-line network of colleagues who share common goals, with the intent to bolster relationships, learning opportunities, mentoring, and professional development, in a community-building way.
  • Voting rights in NCSEA elections, determining governance and structure.
  • Access to the Premier Education & Training Program, providing significant savings on professional development offerings.
  • Employees will be able to participate in NCSEA committees, subcommittees, and workgroups. These committees work to make improvements to member benefits, organize training events, draft policy resolutions, and more. Committee appointments are made in August of every year. Committee members generally commit to serving for at least one leadership year (September 1-August 31).

NCSEA is made up of individuals and organizations with a passion for child support. Members come from public, non-profit, and private sectors; and from local, state, tribal, national and international jurisdictions.

NCSEA’s mission is to promote and influence child support policies and services and to educate, connect, and inspire those who work in child support. NCSEA believes that parents are vital to the financial and emotional support of their children.

Volunteer with NSCEA

Volunteers are critical to NSCEA’s mission. Approximately 200 dedicated child support professionals serve on committees, subcommittees or at NCSEA events. NCSEA has a variety of committees and subcommittees focused on advancing NSCEA’s mission, as well as providing timely, relevant information and resources to its members. More on NCSEA’s committees can be found on the NCSEA Committee webpage.

NCSEA Advocacy Statement

NCSEA gathers, develops and provides relevant information regarding the child support program to its members, policy makers, law-makers and the public at large. NCSEA:

  • strives to educate policy makers at local, state and federal levels so they have a complete and accurate understanding of the child support program.
  • collaborates with other child support associations and advocacy groups in child support development, research and advocacy efforts.
  • builds strong alliances with strategic partners throughout the US and internationally to support and promote the achievement of mutual goals in ensuring children are entitled to, and receive support from both parents, regardless of where the parents reside.
  • develops positions on current and emerging policy and legal issues and serves as an advocate and educator to members and other stakeholders on those issues.
  • promotes and encourages best practices in supporting children and policies that entitle children to the full emotional, material and medical support that parents owe to their children.

Research and Resources

NCSEA has included research information, documents, and links to external sites that may prove useful or informative to you. These research studies and resources were identified by the NCSEA Research Subcommittee. The Subcommittee reviews this information periodically. Posted publications are based on relevancy to NCSEA members, date of the publication, and whether the report was published by a government or court agency or in scholarly journal. Research information that could be included is:


Additional reference information is provided for child support professionals and parents.

There are links to all State Child Support Programs, Federal Government sites, State and Federal Data, Legal Resources, Associations representing State governments and Governors, Tribal sites, and Private and Nonprofit sites.

Here is a link to learn more about how you can be a part of NSCEA. It’s a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills, build on existing experience and knowledge, and expand your professional network.