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Mapping the State Office P: Drive

Sometime there may a document you would like to retrieve from the State Office P drive – like the Received AOP list. Here is how to map your computer to the State Office P drive:

First, go to the file explorer icon at the bottom of the screen. Click to open it.

Windows start bar with file explorer highlighted.

Select the Computer tab.

File explorer window with the Computer tab highlighted.

A menu will appear below the computer tab. Click on the map network drive icon.

File explorer Computer tab with Map Network Drive button highlighted.

The Map Network Drive box will ask you to specify the drive letter for the connection you want. Usually you can just leave that letter as is. But, if it happens there is a Z: drive in your office, then you will change that to a letter that is not being used in your office. Click on the small down arrow in the Drive: drop down menu and select a letter that has no information next to it.

To connect to the Public (P) drive at State Office, in the Folder: section of the Map Network Drive box type \\S94X01\Public

Map network drive dialog box

Note the slashes are backwards from what we are used to using most days. On most keyboards this backwards slash is found under the Backspace Key and above the Enter Key.

Click Finish and the P drive will become available. Scroll to “Received AOPs” to be sure the mapping of the P drive was done correctly

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