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Neither the CP nor NCP Live in Oklahoma any Longer, may I Close the Case?

Neither the CP nor NCP live in Oklahoma any longer, may I close my case? No, cases may only be closed when appropriate criteria is met under 45 CFR 303.11. For further explanation see Closure Code Chart in Quest.

Further federal guidance on case closure can be found in the AT-20-14 below:

Question 69: When all of the individual parties to an order no longer reside in a state, must that state continue providing IV-D services to the custodial parent or may it close the case? Can the state automatically transfer the case to the custodial parent’s new state of residence? What if the custodial parent requests services in the new state of residence?

Answer 69: When the custodial parent receiving IV-D services relocates to another state, the state providing services may not close its IV-D case or automatically transfer the case to the custodial parent’s new state of residence. The state must continue to provide services to the custodial parent unless the case meets one of the conditions for case closure under 45 CFR 303.11. Relocation to another state by the custodial parent is not a valid reason for closing the case, even if the parent applies for services in a new state. A valid case closure criterion, for example, is if the custodial parent in a non-assistance case requests closure of the case, under 45 CFR 303.11(b)(12).

In a situation where two states are providing services to the same parent, it is important for the states to communicate with one another and the parent to prevent duplicate establishment or enforcement services and to identify opportunities for appropriate case closure.