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Password Reset: how to get it done without calling OMES

Reviewed Content on March 25, 2024


If you find yourself locked out of your DHS network account and cannot log on, here is the way to fix it without having to call OMES helpdesk.

Go to the Resources page for Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES). Scroll down to the Support Portal section and expand it, to look like this: Create hyperlink for Resources as linked.

Support portal, choose Password Reset

This Quest article addresses resetting your password for Microsoft Office 365, and as you can see, other reset options are listed. Click “Microsoft Office 365” to continue.

At the next window enter your email or username, then demonstrate your humanity by entering the scribbled characters in the picture or from the audio. The letters may need to be entered in upper/lower case. Click the blue “Next” button.

Self-identification window

The new window asks, “why are you having trouble signing in?”. If your answer is “I forgot my password” OMES will reset, it with a new one. If you answer, “I know my password, but still can’t sign in” OMES will unlock your account while retaining your current password. Click the blue “Next” button.

Reason for reset

In this window, you begin the two-step verification process. First, OMES will deliver a verification code to your mobile phone. Notice that the last two digits of the phone number OMES has on file for you are hinted at in their instructions.

Verification step 1

OMES can text or call your mobile phone, call your office phone (check those last two digits to make sure they have the right one!), or you can answer pre-arranged security questions.

Type the numbers OMES sent to your phone into the box on the next window, as shown below.

Step 1: enter texted code

The second step of the process involves the other options for contact. In my case, OMES did not know my office phone number because I don’t have one (nor do I have an office), so I clicked on the ‘Answer Questions’ option.

Step 2: answer 3 questions

Having correctly answered the questions, OMES announces your success.

Success announcement

The accuracy of this CS Quest Article is up to date as of 03/25/24.