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Principal Judgment Discrepancies and Interest

If unable to determine how to arrive at one or more of the principal judgments, interest balances may be uncertain. If the principal judgment discrepancy is $100.00 or more and interest was not adjudicated at that time, send the Interest Disclosure Notice (IDN) to the custodial person (CP). The IDN is used to notify the party of when the interest calculation will begin unless they provide additional information that could determine a different start date for the interest. To access the IDN in OSIS,  enter “CSCD<space>INTD.”

For anything less than the $100 threshold, enter the difference (positive or negative) onto the “CsiAdj” tab for the beginning month of the arrearage computation (A/C).  Create a note in the “CsiAdj” tab describing the reason the action was taken for historical reference.

If the CP provides information as to how the principal judgment was determined, make adjustments as necessary.

If the CP does not respond to the IDN, or the CP does respond but there is nothing definitive from the court as to how the principal balances were calculated and no agreement between the parties, the interest accrual will begin from the start date listed on the IDN.

This method will result in the least amount of interest accruals and therefore provide protection against over collection of interest balances.