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Releasing Information to Oklahoma Housing Authority

CSS professionals should not release to or verify child support information for the Oklahoma Housing Authority without written authorization from the customer allowing OCSS to do so.

To request a release of child support payment information to the Oklahoma Housing Authority, a CP can fax a written request to (405) 522-8727 with the following information:

  • Consent forĀ CSS to release child support information for housing purposes
  • Applicant Name and SSN
  • A copy of driver’s license or State ID that has a photo to verify identity
  • The housing representative contact person
  • Apartment Complex name and FAX number of where to send completed forms
  • CP signature

If a district office receives one of these requests, they can forward it to the fax number above or email to

The Housing Authority may be referred to the Center for Business Excellence & Customer Service at State Office for assistance.

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