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Removing Family Violence Indicator (FVI)

Legal Authorities:

OAC 340:25-5-67.1. Family violence
OAC 340-25-5-123. Case Closure System

Only certain staff have access to remove the FVI on a case.  To have this accomplished the written (signed and dated) request (CSS Form 03EN008E Address of Record and/or Family Violence Statement) must be scanned in and forwarded to: *OCSS.PFRs.

NOTE: A best practice is to include a copy of a photo id; however, this is not required.
Also send the request at the case closure phase of a case per policy 340:25-5-123 that the FVI indicator be removed from the children only, unless the claimant has submitted an AOR/FV signed statement that indicates that family violence is no longer an issue.