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Review and Adjust Cheat sheet

All TANF cases must be reviewed every three years, and the OBLRV must be updated, even if OK does not have jurisdiction. These cases appear on the RAMENU and the CMOD CY996R01 report.


If no jurisdiction to modify, update OBLRV this way:

  • Review obligation (OBL) on Incoming Interstate cases with foreign support orders. Ensure order was registered.
  • If Oklahoma does not have CEJ to modify, update OBLRV every three years (case will reappear on the RAMENU) as follows:
    • Open and Close the review to pass audit by updating the OBLRV screen as shown in Figure 1.
  • Tip: Save yourself some time. Update this screen today as shown below. Remember, this case will reappear every 2 ½ years on the RAMENU from the date of the order shown on the active OBL screen.
  • Send a CSENET message or Transmittal #2 informing other state for possible need for review. MSG: “OK does not have jurisdiction to modify support or medical provisions. It is up to your state to review and determine if a mod is warranted. Please respond if further case data is needed to complete your review.”

Figure 1

OBLRV screen showing fields being updated for no jurisdiction.


All other cases:

  • Review for modification: Look at income evidence screens and documents. Locate NCP.
  • Run guidelines in GLS and update OBLRV as shown in Figure 2.
  • File pleadings and take action in court if mod is needed.


Figure 2

OBLRV screen showing fields that need to be completed for all other updates to this screen.

Legal Authority: see Legal Authority for Modification Process

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February 28, 2017