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The Work Number

What is it?

Collecting on support orders can be a challenge, but with the right information results can be achieved quickly and easily by using The Work Number to verify income and employment information.

How to become a user

Every worker is authorized to use the work number. Any users that wish to have an account set up to use the work number please have your supervisor or Office Manager contact Melissa Stephens via an email

Please have your supervisor send your complete email address and first and last name. Your user ID will be the same as your first name a period and your last name. Example my username is Melissa.Stephens no spaces between the first name, the period and the last name. You will receive two emails from VeriferID after your account has been set up. The first contains your user ID and the second will contain your temporary password. You will be required to change your password the first time you sign-in.

Business Processes

The work number currently has 6084 plus employers utilizing their system. We no longer fax a request to the work number. You simply go on-line and make the request. The response is ready 5-10 days later.

The letters that some offices have been receiving lately asking them to become validated users of the data are to be ignored. Here is what Equifax has to say about them:

“This letter was sent out to all offices that had requested manual verifications directly to the employer in 2013. The address was taken directly from the request itself. There should be no need for a response to this letter given that you have an account with The Work Number and all verification requests should be done electronically via the website The Work Number. If someone needs an account, they can contact their web manager directly.”

Contact to obtain access to the Work Number.