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Tips for Searching CSQuest

There are two methods to search for information on CSQuest:

  1. using the Search bar located at the top right of every page of CSQuest, or
  2. when you are in an article, you could click on one of the tags at the end of the article.

These two methods could produce different results because of what that particular search looks for to give you the information requested.

  1. The Search bar searches the entire site for information requested by looking only at article titles and article content, regardless of topic or type of the article.  This search does not look at the tag line.
    If you are not sure where to look for resources, just type into this search bar and press Enter.  You will be shown all of the articles across the entire site that contain the words you typed in.  The list of articles will include the names, types, and dates of each article found.

    Note: Using the Search bar could bring up a lot of extraneous articles that may or may not have anything to do with what you are trying to find.  However, there are times when this is what you essentially want.
  2. Tags are key items that allow related articles to be grouped together. Related articles are other articles within CSQuest, regardless of category or topic, which are related to this one by the same tag. For example, an article about arrearage computation might include the tag, “ROP.” If you click on the “ROP” tag in the article, a list of articles also tagged with “ROP” would pull up on the website, including the article about arrearage computation.
    Remember, tags only bring up articles that are also tagged with the same tag.

    Note: If a “tag” is used in the CSQuest Search field, it may or may not bring up the same articles, as the Search field looks only at titles and article content, not the tag line.

Always remember also to check within an article to see if other CSQuest articles are mentioned that could relate to the information for which you are searching. For example, if you want additional information about navigating CSQuest you may also want to review the CSQuest article Navigating Child Support Quest.

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