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Navigating Child Support Quest

This document will show you how to navigate the Child Support Quest website, in order to help you find the job aids that you need as quickly as possible.

Child Support Quest Home Page

The Home Page

The home page of the website is where you will start your quest for information. On the home page of the site, here are the most commonly used features

  1. The Search bar will allow you to search the entire site for an article, regardless of topic or type.
  2. The Contact page will allow you to send a message to the Child Support Quest site administrators.
  3. The Featured Articles are deemed to be the most important resources right now, they are usually about systems or processes that have recently changed.
  4. All the content on the website relate to either Functional Areas, Legal, or Support Tools. When you are looking for information, you can start by clicking on the category that that information falls into within these three options.
  5. The most Recent Articles added to the site are listed here.
  6. The Additional Resources are other DHS sites that may be helpful to you.
Listing of categories


There are dozens of categories within the site. Let’s assume that on the home page you clicked on “Finance” within the Functional Areas on the home page, here’s what you would see next:

  1. The List of Topics shows all of the topics within this category, as well as the number of articles within each of those topics.
  2. The Popular Articles are a list of the articles viewed most often within the category, regardless of their topic.
listing of popular articles and all articles by topic and date


Each topic is essentially a folder full of resources that will help you in your job. Let’s assume that you clicked on “Juvenile” from the last page, here’s what you would see on your screen:

  1. The Popular Articles on this page are only the most viewed within this topic.
  2. The List of Articles within this topic. Different icons denote different types of content. Click on the name of an article in order to view it.
  3. The Sort and Filter controls will help you find the resource you want. You can click on “Type,” “Title,” or “Date” to rearrange the list so that it is sorted by those criteria. You can also click on the magnifying class icon to type in a filter, any titles that DO NOT contain the text you submitted will be filtered out.
    list of article types
An article displayed on CSQuest


The most important part of Child Support Quest is of course the individual resources that are hosted there, these are what will actually help you in your job. Let’s assume that you clicked on “Placement Adoption” from the last page, here’s the page that you would see:

  1. The Title of the article, the Date in which it was last updated, and of course the actual Article itself.
  2. The Tags or keywords associated with this article. Clicking on a tag will take you to a list of all articles that share that tag. For example, an article about arrearage computation might include the tag, “ROP.” When users select the “ROP” tag on the article, a list of articles also tagged “ROP” would pull up on the website, including the article about arrearage computation. Note: If a “tag” is used in the Search field, it may or may not bring up the same articles, as the Search field looks only at titles and article content, not the tag line.
  3. Related Articles are other articles in the system, regardless of category or topic, which are related to this one in some way.
  4. If you have a Comment or Suggestion about this article, you can send a note to the website’s administrators. If you notice anything that’s incorrect or outdated, please let us know.
the title bar of CSQuest with the search box

Searching for Articles

  1. At the top of every page in the website, there is a “Search Quest” box. If you aren’t sure where to look for resources, just type into this box and press ENTER. You will be shown all of the resources across the entire site that contain the words you typed in; the list will include the names, types, and dates of each resource that was found. Click on the name of the resource to view it. Note: If a “tag” is used in the Search field, it may or may not bring up the same articles, as the Search field looks only at titles and article content, not the tag lineresults of search on CSQuest