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Tips for Working UNDL

Issue:  Cases closing automatically  04/15 – Bypass not set

  • Case is paying
  • Balances on case
  • “Y” removed and not replaced with a “I”
  • Indicator was never updated

When a case is discovered within the first year of closing the case may be reopened with permission of office upper management. Once reopened make sure to update bypass indicator on CSCU and type any untyped interest. Once this is complete apply money to case balances.

Issue:  Cases closed with No Locate

  • Tax offset received but case closed prior to receiving

Offset should be logged to any case balances and refund not requested. Do not reopen case based solely on receipt of an offset. Review case to see if there is valid locate and opportunity to collect. If not, case will remain closed.

Issue: Case is closed/random payment in UNDL

  • Check SIV – was this payment logged to the case in error?
  • Could this be a pass thru case (move the UNDL to W)

We don’t want to blindly ask for a refund if the payment should be moved to another case or logged as pass thru.

Issue: Case is closed/NCP is deceased

  • Money should be logged

Issue: PIN dates/Primary card dates

  • If pinned date is filled, please check the primary card date.
  • If the primary card date is after the pin date, NCP has not pinned the most recent debit card sent

NCP will need to pin most recent card before refunds can be requested.

Issue: Offsetting credit/balances and Un-typed Interest

  • Need to check CFFBI, this balance screen shows the most accurate balance and case type breakdown. As a best practice CFFBI should be the main balance screen used.
  • Need to check ITI

Issue: Multiple obligations with a paid in full obligation with a payment plan

  • Check for paid in full obligations that are still posting payment plans

Payments will still allocate to a paid in full obligation if the payment plan is still posting. To correct this issue please make sure the full judgment payment is placed on the OBL that continues to be active and have balances. Remove the judgment payment from the completed OBL in order to stop the allocation of money to this obligation as there no longer should be a payment plan.

Issue: Case closed/paid in full with money on your UNDL, but there are other cases with balances (even closed ones)? Communicate with other offices!

  • Send the UNDL to the other office so they can review
  • Was case closed in error? Is the NCP deceased?
  • Should the money be logged to the other case?

Issue: Requests for CFB to log payments offices can log with CFR

  • Try to apply payments before making request (K,F,H, J)
  • Finance worker can log payments unless
    • Need to be applied to different effective date
    • Case was closed when payment was received
    • IRS payment
    • Bond payment
    • NCP Overpayment on case

When in doubt we always say try to log the payment, if it won’t allow you to then you may make the request. There is no negative consequence for trying to log yourself before making a request for CFB to log.

If you have questions or need help please contact Carrie Throckmorton or Sonya Groff, we are here to help. We will be more than happy to set up a TEAMS call or help in any way we can. There will be a money talks about all of these tips so please keep an eye out for that announcement and plan on attending if possible.

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