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Unauthorized Disclosure

CSS workers are authorized to access FTI only when it is necessary for their job. Information is to be shared only on a “need to know basis”.

Do not disclose FTI with those that are not authorized and only with co-workers that need to know the information.

Unauthorized disclosure is defined as an entity or individual with authorization to receive FTI and knowingly or with gross negligence discloses FTI to another entity or individual that does not have authority.

Here are some tips to avoid unauthorized disclosure:

  • Do not leave confidential tax information on computer screens when you are away from your computer.
  • Protect your laptops from being lost or stolen.
  • Do not commingle data. Keep federal tax information separate from other types of information.
  • Discuss FTI with only those that have a need to know the information.
  • Do not leave confidential tax information unattended on your desk.
  • Do not use any O365 product to send or record FTI.
  • Do not fax FTI.

If you believe that unauthorized disclosure of FTI has occurred, report it to your supervisor immediately.

***CSS is authorized to place FTI in clearly marked folders on the W drive. CSS is also authorized to place FTI in OnBase***

Please use these options if you need to save a document with FTI.