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Welcome to Quest

CSQuest is the essential learning library for Child Support professionals. This online resource contains training tools to help you in your daily work.

The images at the top of the home page contain information of interest to you that will assist you in your day-to-day processes. Just click on the image that you want to take a look at.

Functional Areas contains content for child support specialists and attorneys. There are many types of training aids to suit all learning styles. The materials range from short 1 to 2 page documents to videos, audio recordings of trainings, and articles.

Support Tools provides additional information about child support, including information you, as a OHS CSS employee, need to know to do your job and continue developing as a professional.

The links within each of these areas are divided into specialty areas within the broad category. For example, Enforcement contains links to FIDM, License Review, and many other Enforcement areas. Whether you work a specific area of child support or you work several areas, you will find helpful information and how-to’s to help make your work productive.

The greatest feature of CSQuest is you can search for what you’re looking for and get results that are helpful and that answer your questions. You also have the option of investigating further by clicking on links that are related to the search results you have gotten.

Each of the articles has a comments box. Providing your reaction, opinion, or questions about the materials you locate, explore, or search for has never been easier. Just click in the box and type in what you have to say, then, click Submit.

Additional information on how to use and navigate CSQuest can be found by reviewing the following articles: Navigating Child Support Quest and Saving CSQuest on Smartphone.

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