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What is a Texas Redirect?

Texas interprets the federal laws regarding Income Withholding Orders to mean that the employer must pay an IWO payment to the SDU in the state that issued the underlying order.

If the underlying order is an Oklahoma order Texas will send an IWO to the employer that  instructs them to send the payment to the Oklahoma SDU. Because of this Oklahoma will receive payments for child support orders where the underlying order is an Oklahoma order even if none of the parties reside in Oklahoma.

How to tell if a case is a Texas redirect:

  • Case is in 02 status
  • Pended obligation
  • No balances
  • Office code will be SIN S.O.

These cases are special pass-thru cases. The money is sent to Texas who then distributes it accordingly. We put the case in 02 status so that we can take advantage of the collections without the burden of the accompanying arrears.

These cases are worked exclusively through the STO Center for Coordinated Programs.

For additional information, please see OCSS-AT-17-07 Interstate Child Support Payment Processing.

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