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Written Reprimand

The second step in the disciplinary process is usually the written reprimand.

Legal Authority



A written reprimand is used to correct problems not resolved by oral reprimand or for more serious performance or behavioral problems that warrant beginning at the written reprimand level. The immediate and reviewing supervisors sign the reprimand.


A written reprimand includes:

  1. the employee’s name, title, job family descriptor, pay band, user identification (ID) number, PeopleSoft number, and division;
  2. the date of the written reprimand;
  3. a citation of the statute, policy, practice, or procedure violated;
  4. grounds for written reprimand including a statement of the act or incident that is the cause of the written reprimand, and evidence supporting the disciplinary action.  Witness statements and investigative reports are listed in the written reprimand and provided the employee under separate cover;
  5. a corrective action plan per OKDHS:2-1-7(e);
  6. a summary of prior discipline, or a statement that the employee has no prior discipline;
  7. a statement that continued violations will result in suspension without pay, involuntary demotion, or discharge;
  8. a notice that the  employee has a right to submit a written response within five working days and that the response will be attached to the written reprimand and included in the employee’s personnel file;
  9. a notice of the employee’s right to grieve the written reprimand in accordance with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) grievance regulations; and
  10. signature of the employee’s immediate and reviewing supervisors.


Send copies of the written reprimand and any accompanying response to the Center for Finance and Budget-HR Unit, and the HR Unit will ensure copies are distributed to the appropriate HRMD personnel and corrective discipline manager.

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