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Arrearage Computation Overview

An Arrearage Computation (A/C) is used to compute, audit, and reconcile the financial balances for a child support case. It identifies what has become due and what has been paid by an obligor as of a point in time and includes any interest accruals. This information is broken down by payee type:

  • Custodial Person (CP)
  • IV-A Program
  • IV-E Program
  • Non IV-E Program
  • Inter-governmental
  • Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA)
  • Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS)
  • Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA)

The A/C is made up of different tabs that require and display different data. The tabs are:

  • “First Copy of CFRRP”—Receipts from OSIS are copied here.
  • “Receipts (CFRRP)”—Receipts from the “First Copy of CFRRP” tab are copied here.
  • “Payments (CFPL)”—Other receipts from OSIS are copied here.
  • “SetAmtOwed”—Monthly amounts and payees are entered here.
  • “BaseCsi”—Detailed, internal version of the A/C.
  • “CsiAdj”—Manual updates and adjustments are entered here.
  • “SetCPAmtOwed”—Monthly amounts for additional CPs are entered here.
  • “BaseCP”—Detailed, internal version of the A/C for additional CPs.
  • “BaseCrt”—Summary of what has been owed and paid without additional detail.
  • “RopSum”—Cover page with a summary of case information (balances, payees, IV-A URA, etc).

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.