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Interest Overview

Legal Authority:
Title 43 ยง 114
OAC 340:25-5-140.1

Offices across the state were using different forms when calculating interest, often resulting in varying information. The Consistent Excellence (CE) Interest Business Process document outlines the process for determining collectable interest on delinquent court ordered child support. In addition, it provides direction regarding when interest balances should be reviewed, when Child Support Services (CSS) does not assess interest, and other issues related to this process including: electronic bypass flags, interest for private orders, interstate issues, intergovernmental, income withholding, etc.

Prior to the creation of the CE Interest Business Process document, there were a lot of gray areas regarding interest. The CE document clarifies these issues, as well as instructs staff on the procedures that should be taken.

See also CSQuest article Interest [CE Standardized Business Process].