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When to Complete or Update an Arrearage Computation

Listed below is a chart that shows when it is mandatory or required to complete or update an Arrearage Computation (A/C).

Scenario Required or Optional
1.     A new obligation is built for:

  1. New orders
  2. Existing court orders
  1. Optional
  2. Optional
2.     The custodial person (CP) or non-custodial parent (NCP) submits proof of direct payment, waiver, non-cash support, etc. (any CP submission that will affect the balances). Required
3.     When a pleading is drafted. Required
4.     Any hearings that address balances. Required
5.     A new order with existing obligation. This could be a modification order, enforcement order, etc. Optional
6.     The case status changes:

  1. The case remains open for state money only.
  2. The case is closing completely without any state money owed.
  1. Required
  2. Optional
7.     When notification is received regarding:

  1. The balances on a case. Sometimes CARE cannot inform the parties of the balances (this could be because there is no balance verified date (BVD), or the BVD date is old) and a message is sent to the District Office;
  2. Settlement of the case;
  3. Personal Injury or Workers Compensation lien settlement;
  4. A balance dispute;
  5. Overpayment issue;
  6. Distribution problem; or
  7. New CP
8.     Under certain circumstances, when an intergovernmental (state, international, or tribal) referral is received. Required
9.     When a case is reopened (after receipt of affidavits of payments). Required

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.