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Arrearage Computation Reconcilement Tips

This article provides troubleshooting guidance when a worker’s Arrearage Computation (A/C) is not balancing to OSIS.

Tips for Reconcilement Issues

If the A/C does not reconcile with OSIS, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Go through past months on CRSF or CFRB to see if there were any balance adjustments. If there were adjustments, go to caselog for the adjustment month for clarification.
  2. Check the receipts again. Do they reconcile with the totals posted on KR20, CFRRP, and CFPL? If there are KR20 receipts, make sure there is not a data entry error. Has a page of CFRRP or CFPL been missed? Has a page been double pasted into the A/C?
  3. If CFPL has not been updated with direct payments, caselog might be the only place these might be mentioned.
  4. Check CSHL to see if the case was ever closed. Balances may have been removed at that time.
  5. Double check assistance time periods to make sure the current child support posted in the correct column on the A/C.
  6. The A/C does not differentiate between C and Z balances. If there is a case with Z time periods, they must be charged as Permanently Assigned months. Payments applied to C and Z balances will automatically credit to permanently assigned balances. Both C and Z balances will display in the permanently assigned summary section.

    It is very important to separate C and Z principle balance types on OSIS (interest for these types are combined). See the article “Hierarchies, Buckets, and Balances” for additional information.

    Tip: Separating C and Z principle balances:

    • On the BaseCsi tab, unprotect the sheet
    • Bold the appropriate months (to make the Z timeframes stand out)
    • Immediately protect the sheet again
    • Sum the bolded cells and prior ZC judgments
    • Subtract the total Z/ZC payments (last page of CFRRP)
  7. Make sure there are no additional orders causing the A/C to have incorrect information.
  8. If you see some “UNC” payments on CRSF, but they are not on CFPL, check CFRB for that month (designated with the ZI, ZO, and ZT payment types).
  9. Go through the file to review previous A/Cs. These may have explanations or adjustments that could provide insight into why the A/C is not balancing.

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.