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Arrearage Computation

An Arrearage Computation (A/C) is used to compute, audit, and reconcile the financial balances for a child support case. It identifies what has become due and what has been paid by an obligor as of a point in time and includes any interest accruals.

Offices across the state were using different forms when completing an A/C, often resulting in varying information. The input of a group of people across the state at varying levels within the organization resulted in a final statewide product. The A/C Consistent Excellence (CE) document outlines the process for completing A/Cs from start to finish using the new form, as well as when it is required and optional to complete one.  The CE document provides guidance for various situations including:  in-state parties, out-of-state parties (intergovernmental), reconciling an A/C against OSIS, multiple custodians, and troubleshooting common issues.

With this business process, a statewide form was developed, and is mandated for use by all offices.

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.