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Case Closure and Overpayments

The chart below covers and provides guidance for various scenarios relating to case closure and overpayments.

Scenario End C/S? Overpayment
Custodial person (CP) deceased Yes. See Policy 340:25-5-133(b)(2) No. See Policy 340:25-5-140(f)(1)
Non-custodial parent (NCP) has custody Yes. See Policy 340:25-5-123 ITS 14 It is possible. If Child Support Services (CSS) receives notice, but fails to update, an overpayment would be created if there were not sufficient arrears to offset.

If CSS does not receive notification, an overpayment would not be created.

Intact Family For 04/15 closure – after 60 days. See 45 CFR 303.11 (c)

For 04/01 closure – end c/s immediately. 60 day period is not required. See 45 CFR 303.11(c)

No. See “When It’s Not an Overpayment” training article.
Child location unknown There are no policies or regulations that address this situation specifically. If the child’s location is unknown, we have to act on the information we do have: the child support order directing c/s to the CP.

If the child’s location is unknown, CSS can seek a modification of the child support order.

No. See Policy 340:25-5-305 (D)(1)(b)
Child with 3rd party CP not requesting services Yes. See Policy 340:25-5-123 ITS 14 No. See 56 OS 237(B)(5)(C)(2)