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Reset Bypass Auto Closure Indicator

The Bypass Auto Closure indicator is a suppression code entered on the CSCU screen that prevents the auto closure analyzer from evaluating a case for automated case closure. In the past, the only way to remove the suppression code was manually. For more information about the Bypass Auto Closure Indicator please access the Quest article Setting the Bypass Auto Closure Indicator.

The analyzer on OSIS will evaluate cases monthly to determine if the Bypass Indicator should be reset to blank (rather than I or Y). The first run of this analyzer will be 10/02/2020 and will continue on a monthly schedule. This update to cases will allow our automated case closure analyzer to clear our caseload of cases that meet the case closure criteria and helps CSS staff to focus manual efforts better in areas where they are truly needed.

Reset Bypass Auto Closure Indicator Criteria

The analyzer will review all cases with the bypass auto closure indicator set on CSCI, monthly.

The analyzer will allow the bypass indicator to remain in place if any one of the following conditions are met:

  • The case office code is SIN or numeric; or
  • The auto bypass closure indicator was set within the last 365 days and the case status is 02, 06, 08 or 10; or
  • If the auto bypass closure indicator set occurred more than 365 days ago and the case had payments within the last 365 and there is still a balance due on the case.  Balance due includes current support, principle arrears, and interest.

If case did not meet any of the above criteria, the bypass auto closure indicator will be set to spaces.