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March 14, 2023

CSS Certification FAQs

Frequently asked questions for CSS Certification

March 15, 2023

Certification Assessment Day

Lists the assessment dates and enrollment, availability of assessments, what to expect on your assessment day, as well as assessment instructions and LMS features

August 19, 2021

Full Certification, Re-Certification, and Monthly Differential Pay

Eligibility, Applying for Monthly Differential Pay and Documenting Service Hours

June 24, 2021

Service Credit Hours & How to Obtain Them

Explanation of the different ways to acquire Service Credit hours

August 19, 2021

Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions

Tips on how to write good multiple choice questions, especially for Certification assessments

March 15, 2023

Remote Proctoring of Certification Assessments

Testing day requirements and tips as well as Zoom proctoring of certification participants as of July 2020 assessments.

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