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Child Support Resource Guide – 2nd Edition, July 2021

The Child Support Resource Guide – Revised is a publication of the Administration for Children & Families, Office of Child Support Services. The publication date is July 16, 2021 and was distributed through the information memorandum IM-21-04. The information in this Guide is current as of July 2022.

This guide gives new and seasoned directors and staff important information about the child support program.  It is a concise way to allow new staff to have an overview understanding of the Child Support Program as well as a refresher for seasoned staff.

The Child Support Resource Guide contains a wealth of information:

  • Federal and state organizational information
  • Child support basics, including tribal child support
  • Program requirements, including federal regulations
  • Federal reporting and state plan requirements
  • Federal incentives for performance
  • Federal audit requirements
  • Child support automated systems information
  • Intergovernmental and international child support information
  • Federal grant information
  • Collaboration with employers
  • Child support organizations
  • Child support organizations, research organizations with child support information, and other government partners

To access the Resource Guide (Current as of: July 21, 2022):

Child Support Resource Guide for State Directors – 2nd Edition, July 2021 PDF